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Dentistry (odontology, stomatology) is a short denomination used for the oral and maxillofacial surgery specialist area. It includes the prevention, recognition and treatment of oral and jawbone diseases (prophylaxis, periodontics, conserving dentistry), dental prostheses production (prosthetics), dental surgery and implantology as well as malocclusion treatment (orthodontics). There is no clear distinction between dentistry, ENT, dermatology, orthopaedics and oral, maxillary and face surgery.

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Teeth have an important function! They determine the aesthetics of faces and they play an important role regarding the daily intake of food, as well as speech development. Although it is very important to have knowledge of both the basics and complex medical relations when treating patients, dentistry is still a craftmans' trade. The difference between success and failure is only several hundredths of millimetres. Magnifying spectacles with adequate lighting make the work in dark oral cavities with limited space much easier and they are an important tool for modern dentistry.

HEINE has been specialising in this area for many years, and we have developed products which satisfy even the highest demands.

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