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VistaCam iX

VistaCam iX – one camera, many options

The intraoral camera meets the highest requirements for fully digital transmission with its depth of field and image quality. The intelligent, interchangeable head mechanism provides various application options. Whether macro or intraoral images, VistaCam iX supports you in caries diagnosis, early detection and plaque visualisation. Caries and plaque filters in the imaging software DBSWIN show caries activity by means of a colour scale and numeric evaluation. The new Proxi interchangeable head allows for detection of proximal caries – without exposure to radiation. The Poly interchangeable head with the latest LED technology and soft-start function is well suited for light curing all common dental materials.

* Macro & Poly heads sold separately.

Technical DataVistaCam iX CameraVistaCam iX Poly Interchangeable Head
Connections USB 2.0UsageHead for light curing
Freeze frame moduleOnPC/LaptopLight sourcePower LED
Multi-user applicationPlug & Play, cable can be connected to handpieceWavelength460 nm (+ 10 nm)
Activation Handpiece (optional foot switch)Light intensity1,000 mW/cm2
Handpiece weight50g (without cable)Diameter lens10 mm Ø
Handpiece length190 mmCable length250 cm
Power supplyUSB (5V)Power unit12 V DC at 1.0 A
Transmission pathUSB 2.0, via cable (2.5m)Polymerisation depthDepending on type, colour and translucence of composites
VistaCam iX Cam Interchangeable HeadVistaCam iX Macro Interchangeable HeadVistaCam iX Proof Interchangeable HeadVistaCam iX Proxi Interchangeable Head
UsageHigh quality intraoral imagesHighly magnified intraoral imagesFor caries & plaque detection on smooth surfacesFor detection of interproximal caries
Object distance5 – 35 mm (depth of field 30 mm)3 mm (120 x magnification)10 mm fixed, with spacers7 mm fixed with positioning holder
Lighting8 LEDs (white)8 LEDs (white)4 LEDs (405 nm, violet)2 LEDs (850 nm, infrared)
Optical systemGlass lens, temperedGlass lens, temperedGlass lens, temperedGlass lens, tempered

VistaCam Digital
Vistacam CL.iX

View the Dürr VistaCam iX brochure

View the Dürr VistaCam brochure