Stern Weber S200

The perfect dental machine

The S200 model, which includes a version for orthodontists, has been designed to maximise patient comfort. The ergonomic concept provides the dental team with ample space, ensuring treatment is performed efficiently and fluidly.

All-round comfort

The S200 model has been designed to maximise patient comfort.

Your professional development partner

The S200 can incorporate a full range of optional easy-to-use functions and specialist instruments.

Choices that make the difference

Thanks to the broad selection of hygiene systems and instruments, dentists can customise the S200 to suit their individual needs and enjoy the full potential of numerous cutting-edge devices.

S 200 International


S 200 Continental


S 200 Orthodontic

Tailor-made for orthodontists who want a hindrance-free work area, this model focuses on the essential: dentist’s module complete with instrument control panel and display on the assistant’s side, a large tray holder on a pantograph arm and the option of incorporating a 

22” LED monitor to share the various stages of patient treatment. 


Orthodontics module 


Large tray holder 

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Always connected

All new generation Stern Weber dental chairs are equipped with the Easy Check licence option

What is Easy Check

When connected to the web through Easy Check, a dental unit can rely on real time remote diagnostics and updates; reduced service calls, improved efficiency and easy maintenance.

The importance of comfort 

Making patients the focus of attention is a priority for both dentists and Stern Weber, which provides a broad range of comfort-enhancing options. Lined with hard-wearing upholstery in a wide choice of colours, the patient chair is deliberately shaped to ease the approach to the work area. Made of tough materials and featuring thoroughly tested mechanics, the patient chair offers excellent support and has a lift capacity of 190 kg.
Shaped to let dental staff move closer to the patient during treatment, the backrest is suitable for adults, children and any treatment type.

Stern Weber S210LR Dental Chair

Memory Foam 


Universal headrest 

Back Rest of Stern Weber S210LR Dental Chair

Atlaxis headrest 

Back Rest of Stern Weber S210LR Dental Chair

Nordic backrest 

Optimal flexibility

In ergonomic terms, the S200 Continental offers maximum flexibility, ensuring easy adaptation to a variety of operating styles. The dentist’s module is compact and light.

Extensible instrument tubing eliminates wrist fatigue and balanced instrument levers eliminate interference with the operating light.



Lighting options

Vnues Plus - Stern Weber S210LR Dental Chair

The Venus Plus operating light rotates on three axes and puts out a light intensity ranging from 8,000 to 35,000 Lux. The potentiometer-adjusted light features a soft-start function and has a colour temperature of 4900K. 


The Venus Plus – L LED, with light intensity from 3,000 to 50,000 Lux and a colour temperature of 5000K, incorporates a no-touch sensor for adjustment via potentiometer 

S210LR Dental Chair

The high-end Venus LED MCT option has a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of over 95, a factor that allows ultra-high colour fidelity. It’s also possible to use 3 colour temperatures so users can select the right lighting for their specific clinical disciplines: 4300K warm light for surgical treatment; 5000K neutral light for conservative work; 5500 K cool light for realistic colour capture 

Stern Weber S210LR Dental Chair

The BIOSTER system carries out automatic intensive spray water circuit disinfection cycles. 


Automatic Chip Air - featured as standard, automatically emits an air jet when you stop using dynamic instruments so as to clean any residual liquids or solids from the handpiece. 


Cuspidor bowl  - the glass bowl rotates and can be removed to allow thorough sanitisation. 

Stern Weber S210LR Dental Chair

A.C.V.S. - Automatic system that carries out suction system sanitisation cycles between one patient and another. Practical and fast. 

Stern Weber S210LR Dental Chair

I.W.F.C. - Activated via the control panel, the device ensures tubing is kept clean after the machine has remained idle for a time. Included in the BIOSTER or available separately. 


W.H.E. Continuous Peroxy Ag+ (H2O2) based disinfection system (compliant with EU standards and DVGW certified) and air gap separation device between mains water and dental unit circuits. Acts against all water-borne contaminants, including Legionella. 

Stern Weber S210LR Dental Chair

SANASPRAY - Tank with distilled water as an alternative to mains water. 


Disposable covers - Dentist’s and assistant’s module feature disposable covers. Removable Continental handle - New dentist’s module handle can easily be removed for in-depth sanitisation.

Upholstery available in a range of colours


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