Piezon Scalers

Remove supra and subgingival calculus with the PIEZON NO PAIN ps instrument.


Piezon 250

When simplicity meets elegance

Increase your productivity and patient satisfaction: The PIEZON® 250 is a dental unit for the professional removal of tarter and hard calculus. Its compact form takes up less space than an A5 sheet of paper, making it ideal for cabinets of all sizes. You can remove hard calculus and other mineralized deposits with superior efficiency and comfort thanks to its thin, robust and lightweight PIEZON handpiece. Six LED lights are located around the tip of the handpiece to illuminate the oral cavity for 20 seconds, making plaque easily visible. The linear vibration of the instrument’s oscillatory movement ensures a high-precision treatment for reliable clinical outcomes.


Original Piezon® technology inside
2 Finger-tip power control
3 Soft perio power zone
4 Power level LED indicator
5 High-precision fluid regulator
6 Original Piezon® LED handpiece
7 Original EMS Swiss Intruments PM in CombiTorque®
8 Quick-connect bottle 350 and 500ml
9 Handpiece hose with easy-fit connectors
10 Peristaltic pump quick-clip cover


PIEZON® Handpiece

After using AIRFLOW®, remove remaining supra and subgingival calculus with the PIEZON® NO PAIN PS instrument.


PIEZON® Handpiece

After using AIRFLOW®, remove remaining supra and subgingival calculus with the PIEZON® NO PAIN PS instrument.


Piezon 150

Compact and easy to use

The PIEZON® 150 is the first of its class when it comes to direct-waterline devices. It carries the standard PIEZON® module with an ultrasonic performance of 32,000 linear oscillations per second, providing an efficient calculus removal and maximum precision. It has a compact design, taking up very little space in the office, with an intuitive power-control interface. Equipped with six LED that deliver daylight quality, the PM 150 is ideal for hard-to-reach cavities and pockets.


  • Effortless one-finger power-control
  • Lightweight and non-encombrant
  • Practical LED power regulation with daylight quality
  • Precise linear oscillation for predictable clinical outcomes and patient comfort
  • Gentle Perio power range
  • Water supply via fixed water connection
  • Ergonomic handpiece with pen-style grip

Original Piezon Handpieces

Original Piezon Handpiece

Designed for universal use with all tips and systems, the Original Piezon handpiece is made of high-tech materials. The practitioner may control irrigant flow on the connecting cable to the handpiece. Sterilizable up to 135°C.

Original Piezon Handpiece LED

Lightweight and ergonomic, the Original Piezon handpiece with LED delivers optimum visibility due to circular light emission. Sterilizable up to 135° C.


Piezon No Pain Built-in Scaler Kit

Dynamically efficient treatments

The PIEZON® NO PAIN module is the ultimate standard when it comes to ultrasonic scaling solutions, combining efficiency and optimal patient comfort all in one kit. This is possible thanks to its dynamic power-response feature that constantly regulates the ultrasonic power to the applied load, automatically increasing power when resistance at the tip increases and automatically decreasing power when resistance at the tip decreases. All this combines to give an intelligent and intuitive technology, ideal for minimally-invasive treatments that respect both the tooth’s natural structure and soft tissues.
PIEZON® NO PAIN Built-in Kit can be integrated into virtually any dental chair and is also available with the PIEZON® LED and non-LED handpieces. It features a high-precision power-control system and supports a number of applications such as scaling, periodontal, endodontic and restorative therapies and is compatible with all EMS Swiss InstrumentsPM.

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