Durr X-ray Image Plate Scanners

Whether intraoral, bitewing, panorama or ceph, Dürr Dental has the right solution for every format

VistaScan Ultra View

Simply intelligent and twice as efficient.

VistaScan Ultra View combines the superior image quality of PCS technology with excellent performance and innovative, groundbreaking features. It has been developed particularly with the high demands of larger dental surgeries and clinics in mind.

Parallel scanning with 2 slots

Thanks to the new design of VistaScan Ultra View, which allows image plates to be scanned simultaneously in 2 slots, the scanner can be used more efficiently – but with no compromises in terms of quality. This saves valuable time.

Quick and easy scanning

The easy feed concept enables image plates to be fed into the unit and scanned straight away, one after the other – with no time wasted in between. The scan slots in the VistaScan Ultra View system can be easily adjusted to all intraoral image plate formats with the aid of interchangeable plate guides.

This is what counts:

  • Patented PCS technology for exceptional image quality
  • Scan simultaneously using 2 slots and save time
  • For all intraoral formats
  • High-resolution 7" touchscreen display
  • Additional intelligent functions in combination with VistaScan IQ image plates and VistaSoft


VistaSoft AI included

With the VistaSoft package you will gain access to powerful AI features that will make your day-to-day work noticeably more effective. In combination with VistaScan IQ image plates, Vistasoft AI enables automatic checking of every X-ray image to detect deterioration in image quality over time – the software will recommend replacement of the image


VistaScan Ultra View
Display7" colour touchscreen
Plate sizesS0, S1, S2, S3, S4
Theoretical resolution LP/mm (dpi)40 (2,000)
Effective resolution LP/mm (dpi)22 (1,100 )
Greyscale (bit)16 (65,536)
Weight (kg)approx. 8
Dimensions (H x W x D mm)391 x 251 x 292
Standby functionYes
InterfacesLAN, WLAN


VistaScan Mini Easy 2.0

Plug into the future – ready for dental practice 2.0

Not only does the new VistaScan Mini Easy 2.0 feature a pioneering design, it also boasts state-of-the-art technology. The image plate scanner uses the latest image plate technology and works together with VistaScan IQ image plates to open up many new AI-based features. Together with the superior image quality of the tried-and-tested PCS technology, it makes your dental practice sustainably ready for the future.

  • Works with VistaScan IQ image plates
  • Quick and easy scanning
  • Scans IQ plates sizes 0 and 2
  • Colour glass display
  • Exceptional image quality thanks to PCS
  • Simple LAN interface

Technical DataVistaScan Mini Easy 2.0
Plate sizesS0, S2; optional: S1, S3, S4
Effective resolution (LP/mm, dpi)22; 1,100
Theoretical resolution (LP/mm, dpi)40; 2,000
Greyscale (bit)16 (65,536)
Weight (kg)approx. 5
Dimensions (H x W x D mm)249 x 211 x 258
Standby functionYes


VistaScan Combi View

Efficiency without compromise - the image plate scanner with a touchscreen for all formats

The VistaScan Combi View image plate scanner enables the intuitive, efficient and time-saving digitisation of image plates for both intraoral and extraoral formats. Amongst other things, its large touchscreen and easy-to-use user interface contribute to this. Thanks to the integrated wireless LAN functionality, the device is exceptionally flexible.

  • Highest image quality
  • High-resolution touchscreen
  • ScanManager for optimum surgery workflow
  • For all intraoral and extraoral formats
  • Table-mounted or (optional) wall-mounted
  • PC connection via WLAN/LAN
  • Work possible even without a PC

Technical DataVistaScan Combi View
Screen4.3"touchscreen, 800 x 480 pixels, 16.7 million colours
Plate sizes0 to 4
Intraoral formats (cm)2 x 3 / 2 x 4 / 3 x 4 / 2.7 x 5.4 / 5.7 x 7.5
Panorama formats (cm)12.7 x 30.5 / 15 x 30
Ceph formats (cm)18 x 24 / 20 x 24
Effective resolution (lp/mm)22 (1100 dpi)
Theoretical resolution (lp/mm)40 (2000 dpi)
Greyscale (bits)16 (65,536)
Weight (kg)/mounting24 / able-mounted; optionally, wall-mounted
Dimensions (H x W x D in mm)(720 x 380 x 380
InterfacesLAN, Wireless