W&H Dental Turbines & Handpieces

The superb quality and precision of Synea turbines and handpieces will make your daily work significantly easier.

High-end technology for excellent preparation results

Both of the Synea dental turbine lines are characterised by high performance, optimal ergonomics and outstanding value for money. Synea Vision is symbolic of innovations such as the sterilizable 5x Ring LED+ and Synea Fusion promises top quality combined with unbeatable cost-efficiency.

Synea Vision

Discover the Synea Vision line – the turbine range for all treatment scenarios!

  • 100% shadowless illumination of the
  • treatment site with the Ring LED+ (with the Roto Quick system only)
  • Optimum cooling of the treatment site with 5x spray
  • Four head sizes for every application case
  • Scratch-resistant surface improves aesthetics even more – and extends their life
  • Fatigue-free work
  • Optimum service life and unexpected quietness during operation with ceramic ball bearings
  • Thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable
  • 24 months warranty
  • Power Blade

    The optimized blade geometry allows higher rotor efficiency. For maximum torque and optimal power throughout preparation.

  • Optimum cooling

    Thanks to the 4x or 5x spray, the bur tip is optimally cooled in every application position.

  • Scratch-resistant surface

    Extraordinary value retention - like new every day with the special, scratch-resistant coating.

  • Ring LED+

    Five LEDs and five spray ports revolutionise visual comfort and ease of use.

  • Ergonomic, lightweight and quiet

    Relaxed, fatigue-free working with noticeably more lightweight turbine system.

Synea Fusion

Uncompromising user comfort with optimal LED-illumination, Quattro Spray and quiet, vibration-free operation.

  • Largest illumination field with LED+
  • Optimum access, best view and high power with perfect head size to performance ratio
  • Safe cooling with Quattro Spray (4 port spray)
  • Hygiene head system
  • Ceramic ball bearings for quiet, vibration-free operation
  • Optimised design for secure grip and optimum hygiene
  • Secure grip and easy bur changes with the push-button chuck system
  • Thermo washer disinfectable sterilizable
  • 12 months warranty
  • Optimum cooling

    Optimum cooling on four sides - continuous cooling with Quattro Spray.

  • Best ergonomics

    Synea turbines are comfortable in the hand and have a non-slip coating.

  • Experience LED+

    Optimum illumination, natural colour reproduction and LED positioned directly beneath the instrument head.

Synea Straight & Contra-angle Handpieces

Synea Power Edition

For the hardest materials

The Synea Power Edition is especially designed for heavy-duty applications, such as the removal of decayed materials, cavities, fillings, crowns, and bridges. These new high-speed contra-angle handpieces with a unique black push-button are built extra strong and durable.

They are the optimal solution for advanced ceramic material like zirconia that is increasingly being used in restorative dentistry. Thus, this up-to-date addition to the Synea family is the perfect complement to your existing handpiece range.


Extra tough for the removal of high-strength materials


Extra precise with new head design for better bur guidance


Extra easy bur changes with unique and distinctive black push-button design


Extra solid chucking system with more than 20% more clamping force


Extra strong with more torque and better removal rate


Extra durable with at least 20% extended lifetime


Extra robust for less service costs


Multiple spray with high water flow for proper cooling

With three enlarged nozzles smartly placed around the bur and a water flow of more than 50 ml/min, the Synea Power Edition provides an impressive cooling and cutting level.

The integrated maintenance-free spray filter reliably prevents nozzle clogging and ensures a constant high-water quality.

For heavy-duty applications

Zirconia-based dental restorations are becoming used more commonly. However, limited attention has been given to the difficulties experienced, concerning cutting, in removing the restorations when needed.

Dental zirconia has posed a problem in removal due to its high flexural strength and hardness. Attempts to section dental zirconia often result in destroying multiple burs, loss of chair time, and frustration by the dentist and patient.

Cutting of Zirconia took about 1.5- and 7-fold longer than cutting of LD [lithium disilicate glass– ceramic] and L [leucite glass–ceramic], respectively.


Synea Vision

Reliable, ergonomic and outstanding quality

  • Two head sizes for individual needs
  • Optimum service life and quiet operation due to ceramic ball bearings and innovative gearing technology (WK-99 / WK-93)
  • Easy to clean, comprehensive protection and long-term value retention thanks to new surface coating
  • Excellent grip and ergonomics with optimised shank profile and monobloc design
  • Compact glass rod for outstanding illumination of the treatment site
  • Durable instrument construction with stainless-steel external parts
  • Easy change of instruments
  • Integrated maintenance-free spray filter for top water quality
  • Thermo washer disinfectable and sterilisable
  • 36 months warranty
  • Optimum cooling

    Perfect cooling and cleaning of the treatment site with 5x spray.

  • Scratch-resistant surface

    Easy to clean, comprehensive protection and retains high value with special scratch-resistant surface.

  • Excellent preparation results

    Excellent access options, incomparable view and most power with perfect head size

  • 25% lighter, 15% shorter

    Combination of Short Edition contra-angle handpieces with the LED electric motor.

  • Versatile range

    The right straight or contra-angle handpiece for every application – in Synea quality!

Synea Vision Short Edition

The ultimate straight and contra-angle handpieces

  • Reduced amount of strength due to the reduction in weight and length
  • Perfect balance with the new, ultra-short micromotor
  • Two different head sizes for high-speeds
  • Thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable
  • 36 months warranty

Synea Fusion

Uncompromising user comfort with proven Synea quality and optimum service life.

  • Long life span and quiet running with ceramic ball bearings for model WG-99
  • Optimum access, best view due to small
  • head-sizes
  • Safe cooling with Quattro Spray (4 port spray) for model WG-99
  • Monobloc design for optimum hygiene
  • and ergonomics
  • Compact glass rod for constant light quality
  • Optimised design for secure grip and optimum hygiene
  • Secure grip and easy bur changes
  • Integrated maintenance-free spray filter
  • for top water quality
  • Can be connected to all ISO motors
  • Thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable
  • 24 months warranty
  • Optimum cooling

    Optimum cooling on four sides - continuous cooling with Quattro Spray.

  • Optimised grip profile

    Optimised grip profile for secure grip and optimum hygiene.

  • Experience LED+

    Compact glass rod for good illumination of the treatment site.

Proxeo Air Scaler

Prophylaxis with style

Regular removal of calculus and plaque leads to a much greater sense of well-being and self-confidence amongst your patients.

The air-driven Proxeo scaler with the integrated spray and two large optic outlets is ideal for the removal of plaque and calculus as well as cleaning root surfaces.

  • Large tip range
  • Stepless power regulation
  • Integrated spray
  • Two large optic outlets
  • Coupling systems - Roto Quick, Multiflex® or Sirona®
  • Stepless power regulator

    Makes applications effective, simple and gentle: power can be adjusted smoothly using the control ring.

  • Tips and tip changer

    Choice of tips and safe using tip changer.

  • Large optic outlets

    Two large optic outlets provide perfect illumination of the treatment site.

Air Motors

Ultralight & powerful

  • The W&H air motors are characterized by high motor power and a long lifespan.
  • Power can be controlled smoothly in both forward and reverse drive.
  • They are very quiet and light to use. The air motors are available with or without light.

Electric Motors

LED Upgrade Set

  • Change your existing halogen motor over to daylight quality LED light.
  • The W&H LED upgrade set allows you to upgrade the W&H EA-40 LT motor with just two new components. So you can enjoy daylight quality light generated by innovative LED technology, while still using conventional glass rod instruments.


Electric Motor (EM-E6)

  • A compact and exceptionally powerful brushless electric motor, its main applications are fillings, prosthetics and prophylaxis.
  • Its short length and light weight are especially ergonomic and allow you to work with ease.


Roto Quick couplings

  • Flexible – for use with all standardised turbine tubing.
  • Full compatibility – compatible with all turbines, air motors and scalers with Roto Quick and Multiflex connections.
  • 360 ° instrument rotation – for easy handling, prevents the tube from twisting.
  • Continuous regulation of the spray water supply – quick, customised adjustment by the user even – during treatment.
  • Non-retraction valve – avoids back-flow of contaminatedspray water to minimise the risk of infection.



  • The W&H coupling RM-34 LED for Multiflex® connection is ready for immediate use.
  • The coupling with LED can be used alongside the conventional halogen couplings without requiring any changes at all in the dental unit.