Navident Surgical Navigation System


Navident 4 is the culmination of 10 years of research and development in Precision Dentistry and over 20 years of experience producing industry-leading imaging and navigation hardware and software.




Predictable results delivered efficiently across multiple specialties. Expand your surgical expertise with less trauma for your patients while saving precious time.


A breakthrough in computer aided dental surgery, Navident offers the dental surgeon an easy to use, accurate, portable and affordable way to place desired restorations, implants, canals access or jaw surgeries on a virtual patient and execute that plan on the real patient.

Precision Dentistry

Single Implants
Single Implants
Fully Edentulous Implants
Fully Edentulous Implants
Endodontic Treatment
Endodontic Treatment

MT4 Camera

High optical resolution camera allows for very small and minimally intrusive Navident parts to be tracked precisely and accurately throughout the entire field of view.

Robotic Automatic Tag Tracking Camera keeps your patient and your tools in the center of the field of view by automatically adjusting to changing circumstances.

With 175 degrees of horizontal and 90 vertical range of motion the MT4 robotic camera ensures your patient and your instruments will always be front and centre.

MT4 Camera Moving-p-1600

360 Hand Piece Tracker

All quadrants can be precisely and consistently accessed by any hand piece mounted with our 360 adapter and tracker. “The Rocket” along with the Automated Tracking camera will allow your surgical procedure to be tracked from any position, any instrument with precision, efficiency highlightingNavident’s versatility.

Impression Registration

Fiducial registration. IR for Impression Registration or “Instant” Registration requires 1 minute of additional preparation time before the scan and saves minutes of valuable chair time. In the IR workflow once your patient sits in the chair you just calibrate your surgical instrument and go. Within 10 seconds the navigated procedure is underway.

IR Tag 2-p-1600
Tracer 2-p-1600

Trace Registration

By virtue of MT4 camera, our trace registration tag shrinks to the size of a pen. Easy to manipulate around incisal edges and palatal/lingual surfaces, the consistency and repeatability of trace and place procedures is second to none.

EVO Cart vs EVO Mount

The versatility of a cart mounted system vs the efficiency of a wall/ceiling/chair mounted system. Each delivering precision to each and every case.

Navi Mount Folded-p-1600

Training Videos


"I have used Navident in different clinical situations such as dental implants placement, with immediate placement after extraction, sinus lift, and full mouth rehabilitation. My experience with Navident is fulfilling and I have done multiple challenging cases which we could not have completed so perfectly with conventional or guided surgery procedures.

Navident has become a part of my everyday practice, helping me to extend my passion of digital dentistry to every patient at Raga Dental."

Dr R Baskaran, Founder- Raga
Dental Digital Super Speciality Clinic,Thanjavur, Tamilnadu. INDIA

"Trace and Place reduces exposure to radiation by eliminating additional scans, completely erases the pre-surgical aspect of dynamic navigation surgery and expedites the registration process

Dynamic navigation now becomes a much more versatile process with direct implementation into the everyday surgical environment of a dental office.

Dr. Alvaro Ordonez 
GP, Miami

"The newest software from Navident enables me to virtually insert both ideal restorations and implants to support them. That information can then be transferred to the patient within minutes. My patients are able to comprehend ideal, intact and compromised sites and be fully ready to accept the treatment plan presented. My patients are quite impressed that similar techniques that they hear and read about which are used in cancer and neurosurgical procedures can give the same precision to insert dental implants into their oral cavity.

Together, this improves case acceptance and the final prosthetic and aesthetic outcome of therapy. My staff, patients and I have been quite pleased with the results of Navident.

Dr. Robert A. Horowitz
New York, Perio

“Surgical navigation has the potential to change the playing field, allowing us to more easily place implants with greater precision.”

Dr. Michael McGuire
Houston, United States

“Navident will undoubtedly be the new standard of care in the near future, much like CBCT has become an indispensable tool in any surgical practice. For those who strive to stay ahead of the curve it is the next must-have.”

Dr. Ramin Azghandi
Germantown, United States

“The future is now with dynamic surgical navigation. Navident allows for accurate, precise implant placement, with the ability to view placement in real time. Increased confidence when planning implants in sites with close root proximity, the esthetic zone as well as the ability to adjust implant size on the fly. Taking a CT scan and virtually placing implants in real time.”

Dr. David Lipton
Houston, United States

“Navident has been a great asset to our office. Not only has it been a marketing tool but also has given patients confidence and ease with implant procedures. Navident is an exciting new venture for this office and keeps us technology savvy and up to date with implant procedures.”

Dr. Hector Sarmiento
New York, United States

“Navident is another step towards a complete digital workflow for dental implant treatment. Having used the system for several months now, I would not want to go back to preparing and placing dental implants without its 3D visual guidance. For me, acquiring Navident has been a logical progression in my personal desire to achieve the very best I can for my patients.”

Dr. David Burgess
Carbis Bay, United Kingdom

“Predictability of surgery and restoration are assured with Navident, allowing us to pre-plan the case and relative crown position accurately, combined with the surgical precision Navident provides makes life easier for both the surgical and restorative clinician”

Dr. Natalie Wong
Toronto, Canada

“Real-time navigation is a valuable alternative to stereolithographic (static) guided surgery as it offers the clinician some advantages compared to the former technique. Using real-time (dynamic) navigation one can avoid the fabrication of a stereolithographic template resulting in a less expensive treatment. As navigation is considered as a dynamic guided surgery system, changes to the treatment planning (location and size of the implants, number of the implants, flap or flapless…) can be easily made intra-operatively. Also the tactile feeling during the drilling procedure, as well as the manual control over the implant stability, is still present when using navigation surgery.”

Dr. Jan D'Haese
Ghent, Belgium

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