Dürr Dental Separation Systems

Powerful and reliable separation

Separates secretions and solid particles completely reliably and quietly.

A first-class amalgam separator from the pioneer of dental suction systems.

Made in Germany, the Dürr dental amalgam separators are some of the most powerful amalgam separators available and, with models to meet all needs, it’s really easy to ensure that you meet current legislation for separating amalgam from waste water.

As the unit automatically collects the waste amalgam in a collection cartridge, it gives you a practical way to recycle your waste amalgam, plus the specially designed amalgam separator filter ensures that the required level of amalgam is collected safely and efficiently.

The two-stage separation system is quiet and fast and has proven to be far more efficient than traditional one-stage separation units, and it can be easily integrated into any dental treatment unit at the manufacturing stage or can be used as an external add-on unit.

It’s no wonder that the Dürr Dental amalgam separator for chairside use has been used in dental practices and hospitals throughout the world for decades.

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