Stern Weber Treatment Centre Comparison


Dentist's Module

Full Touch Display
Micromotor i-XR3L with f.o. (1,000 – 4,000 rpm)
Micromotor i-XS4 with f.o. (100 – 40,000 rpm)
Peristaltic pump module
Sixth instrument
X-ray viewer for panoramic x-rays (international units only)
Integrated sensor

Unit Body

Glass cuspidor bowl
Ceramic cuspidor bowl
Cuspidor bowl drive system
Cup water heater
Spray heating
Independent cannulae selection
Suction stop device on chair base
Multimedia applications wiring
Transthoracic tray holder (international units only)
Dentist’s module tray holder
Assistant’s tray holder
Venus light
Venus Plus light
Venus Plus-L LED light

Patient Chair

Atlaxis headrest
Mobile, removable right armrest
Left armrest
Child’s cushion
Pressure-operated foot control
Pressure-operated foot control (wireless)

Hygiene Systems

Bioster S – available only with the LCD control panel
Sanaspray S
Automatic wash and disinfection for Suction system
Not available