Dürr Dental Tyscor VS 2

Radial Suction Unit

50% lighter and potential 50% energy saving set the standard with regard to performance and efficiency.

In addition to Dürr Dental’s usual quality and reliability, the newly developed Tyscor suction systems have radial technology, are 50 % lighter and give a potential energy saving of more than 50 %. They really set standards with regard to performance and efficiency.
An intelligent control allows also operation with two Tyscor suction machines connected to only one suction line – for perfect operational reliability.


A case made from noise-absorbing, foamed plastic and engineering aimed at quiet running make the Tyscor VS one the quietest suction machines in its class without additional sound protection. At just 58 db(A), it's quieter than a turbine.


The compact, modular design weighs 11 kg and has a housing unit made from noise-absorbing foamed plastic ensuring ease of use as well as quick and easy maintenance.


The eco-friendly radial technology of the Tyscor VS ensures premium performance, particularly with regard to energy consumption. The load-dependent automatic regulation function provides optimum suction performance at all times - whilst saving money.


Thanks to the standard network connection, as well as being installed with plug and play, the Tyscor VS can be easily integrated into the digital monitoring and control functions of the surgery supply system using the Tyscor Pulse software. This means that the surgery team always has the necessary information about the status of the surgery’s appliances.


The “eco-friendly” centrifugal technology of the Tyscor VS 2 ensures exemplary values, especially in energy consumption.* Its load-dependent automatic adjustment provides constant suction at all times – and saves money in the process.

*Measured by Fraunhofer Institute 07/2014

Compact and Light

The compact, modular construction, weight of 11 kg and housing made of foamed, non-absorbent and antibacterial coated plastic ensure smooth start-up of the Tyscor VS 2.

Network Compatible

With network connection as standard, not only is the Tyscor VS 2 installed as Plug & Play, but is also just as easily integrated in the digital monitoring of the surgery supply systems through the Tyscor Pulse software.

Suction MachineTyscor VS 2
Voltage (V)230 (1 phase)
Frequency (Hz)50 - 60
Electrical power (kW)0.7
Current consumption (A)3
Vacuum (mbar) at sea level170
Number of dentists2
Number of rooms at 60 % simultaneous3
Max. fluid flow rate (l/min)10
Max. suction height (cm)60
Dimensions (H x W x D cm)35 x 32 x 43
Weight (kg)11
Noise level [db(A)]58

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