Stern Weber Dental Chairs & Sterilisers

Founded in 1958, Stern Weber Dental is a European success story.

Leading the industry with an enthusiasm for innovation and the desire for continuous improvement to create the very best dental equipment. Today Stern Weber continues to provide dental equipment of unequalled design and styling, and applies the very latest technology to meet your ever-evolving needs.

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Dental chairs, stools, carts, cabinets, units, scalers and more

If you’re looking to set up a new dental surgery or you want to refurbish your existing practice, it pays to invest in quality dental equipment.

Here at Ivoclar, we stock some of the finest dental equipment from some of the best brands in the business, such as Dürr Dental, Carestream Dental, Heine, and Stern Weber.

Whether you’re looking for a Dental Treatment Centre, or you need to purchase dental stools, you’ll find exactly what you need from our selection of competitively priced, top-quality dental equipment online.

As part of the global brand, Ivoclar Vivadent, we’ve made it our aim to make the life of dental professionals easier, whether you’re a dentist or a dental technician.

From complete dental treatment centres to dental scalers

We have everything you need to equip a dental surgery, from dental chairs and dental carts to dental scalers and complete dental treatment centres. All our equipment comes complete with industry leading warranty and support.

Regardless of if you’re in the market for a new dental unit or you simply want to replace your dental cart, you’ll get a superior level of customer service.

And, whether you’re a dental hygienist looking for a new dental scaler or you’re a practice manager who’s been tasked to find the best value dental chair, dental handpiece or dental cabinets, we’re here to help.

Top quality dental treatment centres from a leading supplier of dental equipment in Australia

With a reputation for being one of the leading suppliers of dental equipment in Australia, we’re constantly looking at ways to not only enhance the service that we give to our clients, but ways that you can enhance the service that you give to your patients.

That’s why we stock some of the most innovative dental equipment on the market. Investing in innovative equipment will help you to practice faster, more accurate and more flexible dentistry procedures.

Plus, all our equipment is not only backed up with the manufacturer’s guarantee, but it comes with our service promise too so you can be sure that whatever you buy will continue to work efficiently throughout its lifetime.

Contact us today to find your perfect dental treatment centre

If you have any questions about any of the dental equipment we sell, you’d like a price for a dental unit or dental chair price, simply get in touch today!

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Ivoclar dental supply store is the best dental equipment supplier in Australia. We supply dental instruments, Stern Weber dental sterilizer, dental chairs, Durr scanners, carestream imaging plate systems, micro heine loupelights, dental air compressors, dental x ray equipment, dental suction systems, dental amalgam separators and dental radiology equipment.


Reliability is a building block for evolution.


Professionalism deserves the best.

S220TR Hybrid

Unparalleled versatility.


Talent-enhancing innovation.


The exclusivity of innovation.

10-year warranty extension subject to payment - Coverage

Included in the coverage:

All spare parts required to ensure correct operation of the dental unit, labour and travel excluded.

Excluded from the coverage:

Everything that is clearly stated in the Warranty Certificate sent together with the installation report.


This warranty does not cover:

  1. failures caused by lack of standard maintenance due to carelessness of the User or improper use of the product
  2. repair or replacement of parts subject to wear and tear. fragile or whose duration is not foreseeable. unless there is proof that they were defective at the time of delivery
  3. repair or replacement of the parts listed below. unless there is proof that they were defective at the time of delivery:
    1. filters (water and air. suction. turbine oil recovery. etc.)
    2. handpiece tubings
    3. upholsteries
    4. handpieces, contra angles, syringes and accessories
    5. seals
    6. bulbs (fibre optics. X-ray viewer, operating light. etc.)
    7. protections (foot rest. instruments table board/assistant's module/tray holder table. etc.)
    8. suction tube hoses and terminals;
    9. suction system (separator container. separator container drainage pump, valves for centralized suction. suction tubes conveyor. etc.)
    10. glassware
  4. costs related to labour. travels of technical personnel and transport
  5. failures or damage resulting from improper use and errors in use
  6. failures or damage resulting from impurities in water and air supply systems. extraordinary chemical or electric events
  7. failures or damage resulting from use of cleaning, disinfecting or sterilization products or processes not expressly indicated in the operating and maintenance manual
  8. normal colour change of plastic parts


  • Chairs must be maintained as in the Stern Weber Guidelines
  • Chairs must have annual servicing undertaken by a Stern Weber qualified service technician