BPR Swiss - Leader in Mobile Dentistry

BPR Swiss is a world-wide innovation leader in the field of portable dentistry

The mobility and plug-and-play function of the mobile carts and portable treat ment units help users in almost all areas of dentistry, providing with greater flexibility and efficiency. The area of applica-tion of the devices includes conven tional dental clinics, hospitals, retirement homes, school dental services, home visits, visits to remote areas, armies, relief organisations etc. Mobile carts are primarily recommended for use in the same building and the portable treat-ment units are recommended for use at different sites.

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BPR Swiss has produced major innovations over the last few years.
These include products such as the first and only fully performing plug-and-play dental unit P3, the world’s first and only fully performing plug-and-play portable dental unit SMART-PORT and the LED Carver and the first LED dental operatory light, the DENTA-LED. All of these products were milestones in dental technology.

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BPR Swiss Mobile Dentistry

Brochure on BPR Swiss Mobile Carts and Units

Brochure on BPR Swiss LED Lights