Dental Compressors

Performance and Air Quality – For over 50 Years

Compressed air systems by Dürr Dental have been serving surgeries and clinics around the world reliably for over 50 years. The quality of performance and air – oil-free, dry, hygienic – makes them market leaders.

Dürr Dental has been supplying leading technology in compressed air systems for over 50 years. In 1965, Dürr Dental developed the first completely oil-free compressor for dental medicine. This innovation became the industry standard.

Manufactured to strict guidelines and standards, Dürr Dental compressors are highly regarded in the industry. They’re robust and durable and made to perform under continuous operation, plus they’re quiet and efficient to minimise noise within the surgery.

Dürr offers a range of dental compressors to meet the needs of all surgeries. Whether you want a high-powered air compressor such as the Quattro Tandem which can service between 2 and 10 stations in a large surgery, clinic or dental laboratory, or you need a smaller dental compressor such as the compact Duo, there is a model to suit you.

Key features of Dürr Compressors

  • Inventor of oil-free dental compressors
  • Antibacterial inner tank coating
  • Up to 3 year guarantee
  • 100 % continuous operation possible
  • Latest air drying technology with membrane technology
  • High-quality "Made in Germany"

Tornado 1Tornado 2 Duo TrioQuattroDuo Tandem w 2 aggre.
Voltage230 (1 phase)230 (1 phase)230 (1 phase)230 (1 phase)400 (3 phase)400 (3 phase)
Treatment chairs1 to 22 to 32 to 33 to 54 to 63 to 6
Output @ 5 bar( l/min)67125115175235230
Simultaneous operators122344
Membrane - Drying Unit
Oil free

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