S210LR - unrivalled versatility

Maximum flexibility

Adaptability, not just to meet the needs of left-handed dentists through easy re-positioning but to ensure suitability for all clinical facilities. A compact, versatile integrated treatment centre, the S210LR is a standard-setting unit that responds to the growing need for flexible equipment that can be used by dentists who practice in hospitals or multi-user surgeries.

Limitless choice

One of the most outstanding features of the S210LR is its sheer range of complete and modular versions. This model can be configured to suit customer needs precisely: starting with the patient chair alone, which features a control keypad on the side of the seat, all the way up to the complete version with unit body, dentist and assistant’s modules, foot control and operating light.

Inspired by evolution

Advanced functions, control software for cutting-edge instruments and hygiene devices, all operated via an advanced control panel with LCD touchscreen. Reading and controlling the settings couldn’t be more user-friendly; what’s more, the sheer abundance of data and dedicated functions also lets dentists do canal treatment. With S210LR, tomorrow comes closer.

Fully re-positionable without any need for technical adjustments.

Ideal for multi-operator surgeries where both right-handed and left-handed dentists’ practice, the S210LR can be re-positioned in just a few quick, simple steps that require neither tools nor technicians. The switch can even be made by the assistant on his/her own. The dentist’s module rotates on the fixed pin under the seat so that the unit body, arm and assistant’s module included - can be moved from one side to the other after releasing the support.

Stern Weber S210LR Dental Chair
Stern Weber S210LR Dental Chair
Stern Weber S210LR Dental Chair
Stern Weber S210LR Dental Chair
Stern Weber S210LR Dental Chair

Support release

Once the cover has been removed just free the mechanism that allows re-positioning from right to left and vice versa.

Re-positionable control panel

Continental model users can move the control panel to the opposite side of the dentist’s module, thus optimising ergonomics and making the dental unit 100% ambidextrous. Just rotate the on-panel connector 180° and reconnect it to the tablet. The task takes less than a minute.

S 210LR International

S 210LR Continental

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Always connected

All new generation Stern Weber dental chairs are equipped with the Easy Check licence option

What is Easy Check

When connected to the web through Easy Check, a dental unit can rely on real time remote diagnostics and updates; reduced service calls, improved efficiency and easy maintenance.

Excellent comfort and outstanding style

Featuring new optional swivel arms, the slim-profile patient chair incorporates a movement control keypad on the side of the seat. Lumbar zone shaping means the dentist can comfortably move closer to the patient during treatment.

  • Made of tough materials and featuring thoroughly tested mechanics, the patient chair offers excellent support and has a lift capacity of 160 kg.


The patient chair is equipped with Soft-Motion technology, which ensures both silent running and fluid, vibration-free movement.

Stern Weber S210LR Dental Chair
Stern Weber S210LR Dental Chair

Memory Foam 

Exceptional comfort and proper anatomical support thanks to special upholstery options.

Back Rest of Stern Weber S210LR Dental Chair

Standard backrest

Shaped so that dental staff can move closer to the patient during treatment. Suitable for adults, children and any treatment type.

Back Rest of Stern Weber S210LR Dental Chair

Atlaxis headrest 

The headrest that follows the patient’s anatomy. Ultra-simple fingertip release of the pneumatic lock allows orbital movement to achieve perfect positioning, vertical adjustment included.

Back Rest of Stern Weber S210LR Dental Chair

Nordic backrest 

Ensures lasting comfort during protracted treatment sessions and shaped to aid dentists who work in ‘indirect vision’ mode.

Back Rest of Stern Weber S210LR Dental Chair

Advanced lighting and controls

From operating light to foot controls, personal preferences matter

Vnues Plus - Stern Weber S210LR Dental Chair

The Venus Plus operating light rotates on three axes and puts out a light intensity ranging from 8,000 to 35,000 Lux. The potentiometer-adjusted light features a soft-start function and has a colour temperature of 4900K. 


The Venus Plus – L LED, with light intensity from 3,000 to 50,000 Lux and a colour temperature of 5000K, incorporates a no-touch sensor for adjustment via potentiometer 

S210LR Dental Chair

The high-end Venus LED MCT option has a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of over 95, a factor that allows ultra-high colour fidelity. It’s also possible to use 3 colour temperatures so users can select the right lighting for their specific clinical disciplines: 4300K warm light for surgical treatment; 5000K neutral light for conservative work; 5500 K cool light for realistic colour capture 

Stern Weber S210LR Dental Chair

Multi-function foot control Cutting-edge device with ergonomic lateral-slide control that lets dentists activate Chip Air and Chip Water functions on the instrument in use, invert micromotor rotation (when extracted), control patient chair movement and recall saved positions. Cabled and wireless versions available.

Stern Weber S210LR Dental Chair

Pressure-operated foot control Offering the same performance as the multi-function foot control, this unit offers different ergonomics for those who prefer a pressure-operated approach. Cabled and wireless versions available.

Stern Weber S210LR Dental Chair

Power Pedal This third foot control model offers different design and ergonomics. It provides the same functions as the more classic models. Cabled and wireless versions available.

Stern Weber S210LR Dental Chair

The BIOSTER system carries out automatic intensive spray water circuit disinfection cycles. 


DVGW CERTIFIED - The dental unit water circuit is EN 1717 compliant.

Stern Weber S210LR Dental Chair

Cuspidor bowl with optical sensor - The glass cuspidor bowl rotates and can be removed for cleaning purposes. Incorporated in the cup and bowl fill unit, the optical sensor automates cup filling.

Stern Weber S210LR Dental Chair

A.C.V.S. - Automatic system that carries out suction system sanitisation cycles between one patient and another. Practical and fast. 

Stern Weber S210LR Dental Chair

I.W.F.C. - Activated via the control panel, the device ensures tubing is kept clean after the machine has remained idle for a time. Included in the BIOSTER or available separately. 

Stern Weber S210LR Dental Chair

SANASPRAY - Tank with distilled water as an alternative to mains water. 

Stern Weber S210LR Dental Chair

Removable International handle The handle can be removed for in-depth sanitisation; removal also makes it easier to clean the dentist’s module and instrument control panel.

Stern Weber S210LR Dental Chair

Removable Continental handle - The new dentist’s module handle can easily be removed for thorough sanitisation.

Upholstery available in a range of colours


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