Dürr Compressors, Suction, Scanners, Power Tower & System Hygiene

Offering a comprehensive range of suction, compressed air and imaging products, Dürr Dental products have been used by Dental professionals around the world for over 70 years.

When it comes to dental equipment, Dürr Dental have a wealth of experience in creating some of the most reputable suction, compressed air and imaging products available to the dental profession today.

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In fact, Dürr Dental products have been the choice of dental professionals all over the world for the last 70 years. Their products are not just highly efficient, but they’re reliable too, meaning that downtime is kept to a minimum enabling you to treat more patients in your dental surgery.

At Ivoclar Vivadent, we’re proud to stock a range of Dürr Dental products, allowing dentists all over the country can take advantage of their superior products.

A world class name in dental imaging products

The name Dürr Dental is synonymous with top quality imaging products and has been at the cutting edge of this kind of technology for many years. Dürr Intra Oral PSP Scanners offer the dental profession with high resolution images which allowing you to perform a large range of diagnostics.

They’re available in a variety of sizes, including compact scanners which are both easy to use and small enough to fit into the tightest of spaces. The company is also renowned for its x-ray film processors with Dürr X-ray film processors having an enviable reputation for reliability and the quality of their images.

The fully automated dental X-ray film processors can be used with all kinds of dental films and formats and have a tried and tested automatic developing unit.

From suction to hygiene products, Dürr Dental provide them all

The Dürr Power Tower is a clever combination of both suction and compressed air to give you a complete surgery supply in one compact unit. Inside you’ll find the compressed air tank, the compressor generator, and the suction unit.

Plus, depending on the needs of your surgery, there’s the option to add an amalgam separator and a membrane drying unit. If you require a separate suction system, Dürr dental suction systems are powerful, reliable and give you just the right amount of performance that you need, while the Dürr System Hygiene has been used to protect surgeries by dentists around the world since 1966.

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We’ll be more than happy to demonstrate any of our Dürr dental products or indeed any of the other dental equipment, tools and products that we supply.

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Dürr Dental Products

Suction Systems

Suction Systems for dental surgeries – Powerful wet- and dry suction units.

Separation Systems & Amalgam Separators

Used by practices and dental hospitals throughout the world.


Oil-free, dry, hygienic dental compressors.

  • Incredibly quiet and powerful compressors for dental medicine.


Digital Diagnosis

  • Win your patients trust with great images .


Whether intraoral, bitewing, panorama or ceph, Dürr Dental has the right solution for every format.

X-Ray Film Processors

X-ray film development – Reliable technology for precise images.

Power Tower

Combining compressed air and suction in a single unit.

System Hygiene

For surfaces, skin & hands and special areas.