NEW S380TRC Dental Unit – 2020 range


SW S380TRC _continental


SW S380TRC _international

When connected to the web through Easy Check, a dental unit can rely on real time remote real-time diagnostics and updates; reduced service calls, improved efficiency and easy maintenance.


Easy access

The “chair” position helps eldery patients and patients with disabilities to have an easy access to the chair.

Motorised Leg rest movement

  • Independent and syncronised with backrest movement
  • Motorised footrest extension
  • Footrest safety sensor
  • Swivel seat – 90° rotation

190kg Lifting Capacity


199cm chair length fully extended, and 190 kg lifting capacity


Perfect for any layout

The in/out position can be preset:

  • 90° Position
  • 45° Position
  • Traditional chair position

The in/out position can be optimised according to the door, and the elements in the room (Monitors, cart with intraoral scanners, PC with the Managements software)

Aesthetics treatments

Thanks to the frontal approach, it will be easier for the doctor to evaluate symmetries and take pictures of the patient’s smile.

SW S380TRC _control_panel

Evolution of Control

The new 7” control panel with multitouch display is at the forefront of technological development in the dental industry.

The interface provides users with a clear, comprehensive array of information and wide scope for customization. It is also extremely user-friendly. Designed for clinical environments, it is resistant to impact and water, and thanks to the accelerometer, it can be positioned to suit your needs. 

The control panel allows dental unit functions to be upgraded with ease when required. 

Multi-touch Display
Multi-touch Display
Smartphone-like friendliness
Smartphone-like friendliness
USB Connection
USB Connection
Multi-profile Management
Multi-profile Management

Perfect Lighting

The new LED light is a major step forwards in the development of clinical lighting. The colour rendering index (CRI) is above 95, allowing ultra-high colour fidelity, and the choice of 3 different colour temperatures enables users to select the right lighting for the specific clinical procedure. Light intensity is adjustable up to 50,000 Lux. 


Composite mode 

Working in “composite” mode ensures good visibility within the operating area without affecting composite curing. The 430-480 nm wavelength range is filtered, slowing down the activity of the camphorquinone to provide more time for modelling the materials. 

Targeted lighting, advanced versatility 

The Venus LED MCT has a specific setting for every need. There are three different settings, optimised for different circumstances: a 4300K warm light for surgical treatment, a 5000K neutral light for conservative dentistry and a 5500K cool light for realistic colour capture. 

Exceptional comfort

With no obstruction of floor space, the shape of the chair perfectly accommodates the patient, allowing the dental professional and staff maximum accessibility to the operating zone. Key features include hard-wearing upholstery, a 190 kg lifting capacity and a silent-running soft-start/soft-stop motor. The gentle, vibration-free movement relaxes the patient and helps dispel any anxiety regarding the treatment. Access is simple 


Memory Foam 

Exceptional comfort and proper anatomical support thanks to special upholstery options. 

Essential design 

The shape of the chair, with an essential line and minimized overall dimensions, reaches surgical bed positions, providing the work team with maximum clinical ergonomics. 

Standard backrest 

Shaped to provide the dental staff with a comfortable approach to the patient during treatment. Suitable for adults, children and all types of treatment. 

Nordic backrest 

Ensures lasting comfort during protracted treatment sessions and is shaped to aid dentists working in ‘indirect vision’ mode. 


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