X-ray Film Processors

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Periomat Plus

Periomat Plus

Automatic developer for intraoral X-ray films. With the Dürr Periomat Plus, it develops up to eight films in only five minutes with daylight hood attached so there is no need for a separate dark room. Films processed have an archival life of more than ten years.

XR 24 Pro

Technical DataXR 24 ProPeriomat Plus
Voltage (V)230230
Frequency (Hz)50 Ð 6050
Current consumption (A)42.2
Performance (W)950500
Heat output (W)400 (bath heating)
450 (drying)36 (bath heating)
390 (drying)
Temperature of the bath (°C)2825
Warm-up time (min)approx. 16 (2 min/1 °C)approx. 35 (7 min/1 °C)
Duty cycle (%)100100
Processing time (min)3:15 – 20:005
Process time (min)3:15/4:00/6:005
Water fl ow rate (l/min)2
Water pressure (bar)2 - 6
Tank volume (l) for developer/fixer5 each1 each
Weight (kg)2511.2
Dimensions (H x W x D in mm)440 x 420 x 510400 x 630 x 250

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