IS 3700 Intraoral Scanner

Imagine intraoral scanning that's uncompromised

The gains in efficiency are immense

The IS 3700 delivers a high-performance scanning experience that takes you in any direction you want to go. Prestigious design—by Studio F. A. Porsche. Patient- and practitioner-centric workflows. Smart-shade matching. Touchscreen capabilities. With the IS 3700, compromise is a thing of the past.

IS ScanFlow. Simplicity at work.

Step 1-Scan:

Begin scanning the patient and choose the evolutionary workflow based on your personal preferences or your patient’s clinical needs.

Step 2- Check:

Once the scanning is complete, select from restorative, orthodontic and implant check options.

Step 3- Adapt (optional):

Refine the appearance of the final scan based on your preference.

Step 4- Export:

No need to exit the software, as you can export or transfer files immediately after processing with a single click.



Shades of intelligence

Patented smart-shade matching provides automatic selection and recording of shade information.

Workflow freeflow

Revolutionary new workflow lets users navigate freely among different clinical applications, including restorative, orthodontic, implant and sleep device.

Gripping curves

An ergonomically optimal grip channel empowers oral health professionals with a balanced sense of scanner control.

The added touch

Touchscreen capability eliminates the extra steps of operation caused by switching back and forth between the scanner and the mouse.

Precision, accelerated

The IS 3700 features turbo speed scanning that’s tested and proven to scan in vitro single arches in 30 seconds*, with the same proven accuracy as the IS 3600.

Strapping in

The optional wrist strap connects user to the device for optimal control and care of the scanner.

*Based on internal, in vitro testing

Download the IS 3700 Brochure