CS 9600 CEPH

CS 9600 CBCT with scan CEPH module

The world’s most intelligent CBCT system is smarter and more versatile than ever. A new Scan Ceph module - as well as other innovations - deliver the best possible results with ease. The CS 9600 redefines quality and usability, making it the perfect imaging system for dental professionals and orthodontists who want a new level of precision.

Smarter and Better Than Ever

Extraoral imaging has never been so intelligent.

CBCT Imaging: Produce crisp, highly precise 3D images of teeth, soft tissue, nerve canal and bone in the cranial region with a single scan.

2D Panoramic Imaging: Generate crystal-clear 2D images, including panoramic, TMJ, extraoral bitewing and FMS, with the latest Tomosharp technology.

Scan Ceph module1: Obtain best-in-class cephalometric images using state-of-the-art scanning ceph technology, image processing and automatic tracing1.

3D Model Scanning: Obtain high-precision digital 3D models by simply scanning patient impressions, radiographic guide or plaster models.

Multiple Fields of View: Cover every diagnostic need—from routine to specialized with up to 14 fields of view.

Low-Dose 2D and 3D Scans: Reduce dose and adhere to the “as low as reasonably achievable” (ALARA) principle.

Stellar Technology: Reduce beam hardening artifacts and improve contrast without increasing dose, thanks to the 120 kV X-ray tube and intelligent filtration.

Remote Monitoring1: Maximize system efficiency with our advanced CS Upstream technology that continuously monitors the CS 9600, tracking in real time the historical behavior of the unit.

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AI-powered positioning

Using Artificial Intelligence, the unit automatically detects the Frankfort plane to reduce risk of mistake and obtain consistent results even more easily.


Crystal-clear panoramic images

Our new Tomosharp technology—combined with AI-based positioning and state-of-the-art processing— deliver crystal-clear panoramic images nearly automatically.


Advanced noise reduction

This new algorithm reduces image noise while preserving clinical details.


Scan CEPH Module1

The CS 9600 captures precise cephalometric images and analyzes them quickly using automatic tracing module1.


Exclusive CS MAR technology

Automatically reduces metal artifacts for better image quality, including exclusive live comparison feature.


Intuitive smartpad

Humanised user interface guides the operator through every step of an exam, simplifying procedures and reducing the likelihood of errors from setup to image quality control.


CS Face Scan1

Provide realistic 3D facial images and automatically superimpose surface scans on CBCT images and 3D models.


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CS Advantage

Maximize your investment with CS Advantage. In order for you to get the most value from your Carestream Dental imaging solution, you need services that go beyond the point of purchase. We created CS Advantage to ensure that you have the best experience possible with your new system.

CS Advantage for equipment encompasses these three service pillars:

  • CS Protect: extend the terms of the standard warranty that comes with your system and increase the length of the coverage that best suits your needs
  • CS Update: Immediate access to the latest updates available for your software
  • CS Support: covering training and support service for continuing education and ongoing support for the best possible equipment and software experience and to get the most out of your purchase

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