CS 8100 Evo Edition

The "plug-and-pan" solution… the simplicity you need, the imaging quality you demand

A fresh look at “plug-and-pan” imaging

With its new Tomosharp technology and powerful image processing, the CS 8100’s Evo Edition delivers outstanding image clarity. Easy to install, learn and use, the compact CS 8100 is the perfect unit for your routine imaging needs.

Benefits at a glance

  • Tomosharp technology ensures optimal image sharpness and contrast
  • “Plug-and-pan” solution— is easy to install, learn and use
  • Outstanding value and simplicity
  • Sleek, ultra-compact design fits tight spaces
  • Powered with CS Imaging version 8 software

CS 8100 Evo Edition

A New Level Of Sharpness

Our new Tomosharp algorithms are combined with advanced image processing to deliver the best image possible for any anatomy.

CS 8100 Evo Edition

Perfect For Your Everyday Needs

From standard panoramic images to segmented bitewing, TMJ, maxillary sinus and cephalometric images, the CS 8100 covers all of your everyday needs.

CS 8100 Evo Edition

High-Quality Images—Effortlessly

Featuring the latest imaging technologies, the CS 8100 produces clear and sharp images in seconds.

"The CS 8100 does more than my old machine and is half the size! With the CS 8100, capturing a panoramic image has never been easier."

Dr Bartley Labiner, DDS

Tomosharp technology

When acquiring a panoramic image, our new Tomosharp algorithm recognizes the area where the anatomy is the sharpest and reconstructs the best possible panoramic image automatically. The result? Crystal-clear images are captured systematically, which means fewer retakes and a lower patient dose.

Tomosharp technology

CS 8100 Evo Edition

Award-Winning System

The CS 8100 family has already received more than 15 international prizes, recognizing this best-selling unit for its user-friendly and compact design.

CS 8100 Evo Edition

Ultra-Compact And Open

Slim and elegant, the CS 8100 fits easily into tight spaces. It features an open design built for comfort and easy patient positioning.

CS 8100 Evo Edition

Smarter Design

Smart, face-to-face positioning facilitate proper patient placement and increase accuracy.

CS 8100 Evo Edition

Precise Laser-Free Positioning

A thicker focal trough eliminates the need for laser beams and facilitates proper positioning, increasing accuracy and reducing retakes.

See it in action below.

CS 8100 Evo Edition

Simplified User Interface

Intuitive user interface, preset programs and step-by-step instructions minimize set-up time and errors.

CS 8100 Evo Edition

Compact, Yet Powerful

High-frequency X-ray generator, CMOS sensor and 0-5 mm focal spot ensure highly detailed and contrasted images.

"It’s a very quick machine. Positioning the patient to take the scan is extremely easy and straight forward."

Dr. M. Noam Green, DMD

CS 8100 Evo Edition

Cephalometric images and tracings in just a few seconds

The CS 8100SC 3D gives you the ability to perform high-quality cephalometric exams in virtually an instant. Scan images in as little as 3 seconds* to reduce the risk of motion blur and obtain fully automated tracings in 10 seconds.

*18 x 24 cm lateral image, Fast Scan mode

CS Imaging version 8

Enjoy our new generation of dental imaging software with CS Imaging version 8—the platform that provides one-stop access to your 2D images, 3D images and CAD/CAM data. As your centralized image library, CS Imaging displays all of your images on a single interface so you can easily manage them without switching between programs.

CS 8100 Evo Edition

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