Faster Scan Speed

The CS 3500 does not require users to spray powder or liquid over the patient’s teeth and gingival tissue prior to scanning, creating a more comfortable experience for the patient while reducing the amount of time needed to acquire an intraoral scan.* Additionally, the intraoral scanner has an internal heater so the mirror doesn’t fog during digital impression acquisition.

Superb Image Quality

The CS 3500 delivers 2D and 3D images in high resolution and in true color. Colored 3D scans allow practitioners to easily define the margin lines and identify the differences between natural tooth structure and existing restorations. This makes restoration planning more accurate for practitioners. Additionally, true color images help patients visualize their cases. In addition to 3D intraoral scanning, the CS 3500 can also acquire high resolution 1024 x 768 2D clinical images with true colour.

Light Guidance System

The CS 3500 intraoral scanner includes a light guidance system that aides in the capture of the data during the image acquisition process, allowing the user to place more focus on the patient’s mouth rather than the monitor.

*In some situations, where the item to be scanned is uniform in dimension and highly reflective (a standard abutment), the use of an anti-reflecting liquid or powder may be necessary. Alternatively, a micro abrader (sand blaster) may be used to roughen the highly reflective surface to decrease the reflection.

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