3Shape lab scanners - a lab scanner for every need

Upgrade your lab with quicker, more accurate scanning solution, optimized for productivity. With Generation Red E scanners, the time has never been better to bring your lab to the next level.

Meet Generation Red

Red scanners

20% faster is just the beginning

Generation Red E1, E2 and E3 scanners have been upgraded to the same platform as our award-winning E4 scanner. Faster scanning enables you to do even more of what you love… and take your lab to the next level!

Why a lab scanner

A solid CAD/CAM system that combines scanning with design software is the only way to meet the future demands of your customers. 3Shape lab scanners provide high ISO documented accuracy, high speed and many advanced scanning features. From the affordable E1 scanner to the high performance E4 and D2000 scanners, 3Shape’s scanner portfolio offers a solution perfectly matched to the needs of your lab.


Benefits of 3Shape scanners

Scan directly

Use the articulator holder to insert the articulator into the E scanner and scan the bite directly.

Value for money

Our E scanners offer advanced scanning features and CAD design workflows at an affordable price.

Improve productivity

High scanning speeds let you complete more cases in less time. With the E scanners, scanning starts as soon as you place the model inside the scanner.

All-in-one scanning

Our D2000 scanner features industry-firsts like All-in-One Scanning and space for two models, so you can capture upper and lower models, all inserted dies, and occlusion information in a single scan.

Choose the perfect scanner for you


Essential scanning to digitize your lab

  • 2 x 5 MP Camera
  • 10 μm Accuracy (ISO 12836)
  • 32 sec Scan speed (full arch)
  • 104 sec Scan speed (full arch impression)
  • N/A Texture
  • Standard Scanning strategy


Increases productivity and texture scanning

  • 2 x 5 MP Camera
  • 10 μm Accuracy (ISO 12836)
  • 24 sec Scan speed (full arch)
  • 72 sec Scan speed (full arch impression)
  • B/W Texture
  • Standard Scanning strategy


High performance and implant bar accuracy

  • 2 x 5 MP Camera
  • 7 μm Accuracy (ISO 12836)
  • 18 sec Scan speed (full arch)
  • 64 sec Scan speed (full arch impression)
  • Colour Texture
  • Standard Scanning strategy


Ultra-high speed and accuracy with our fastest and most accurate scanner to date

  • 4 x 5 MP Camera
  • 4 μm Accuracy (ISO 12836)
  • 9 sec Scan speed (full arch)
  • 45 sec Scan speed (full arch impression)
  • Colour Texture
  • Die-in-model Scanning strategy

3Shape D2000 Lab Scanner


All-in-one scanning for maximum volume throughput. Captures upper and lower models, all inserted dies, and occlusion information in a single operation

  • 4 x 5 MP Camera
  • 5 μm Accuracy (ISO 12836)
  • 16 sec Scan speed (full arch)
  • 65 sec Scan speed (full arch impression)
  • Colour Texture
  • Die-in-model & All-in-one Scanning strategy

Choose your software solution


3Shape CAD/CAM solutions

Dental System

Digital dental design doesn’t get any better than this. With 3Shape's latest CAD/CAM software for labs, dental technicians can spend time doing what they are best at: craftsmanship and artistry.

Dental System is designed by dental technicians for dental technicians to cost-effectively deliver the highest quality and largest selection of prosthetics to lab customers.

  • The widest range of treatment workflows
  • New all-in-one implant bridge workflow
  • Make dentures digitally and boost your productivity
  • Drive efficiency with Lab Management System integration
  • Make simple clear aligner treatments right in your lab
  • Fast and intuitive splint software
  • Unleash your craftsmanship with smile libraries
  • AI-powered dental crown design for your lab
3Shape CAD/CAM solutions

Splint Studio

Are you looking to add new and highly profitable services? 3Shape Splint Studio, with automated design functionality, enables you to design and manufacture occlusal splints in just a few clicks.

3Shape Splint Studio is the go-to solution for occlusal splints for the treatment of bruxism and temporomandibular joint disorders. Designed for both practice and lab professionals, the easy to use software is integrated with a wide range of material and manufacturing options. And includes a built-in virtual articulator, direct integration to 3Shape TRIOS and 3Shape lab scanners, as well as support for STL-import to make designing and production more efficient and predictable.

  • Digital splint design through an intuitive workflow offers unrivaled speed, precision and predictability.
  • Fast and optimized tools enable you to design most of the occlusal splint types.
  • The splint design is automatically optimized for your selected manufacturing method.
  • With 3Shape's open ecosystem, you are never limited to just one way of collaborating with your customer. You can offer design, manufacturing or the complete service.


3Shape CAD/CAM solutions

Clear Aligner Studio

A complete solution to design and produce clear aligners, with a high return on investment potential.

  • Easily scan, design, and prepare clear aligner files for production in an integrated, guided workflow.
  • Enhanced setup and staging means you will get more control over tooth movements and improved visualization.
  • Save time and increase efficiency with new automated features including ID tagging, attachment sizing and placing, and more.

Clear Aligner Enterprise

3Shape Clear Aligner Enterprise solution enables you to create a scalable and flexible digital clear aligner workflow that suits your business goals. A comprehensive software solution for designing clear aligners, with quick turnaround times and enhanced patient experience.

  • A comprehensive platform with a suite of features to ensure an intuitive and smooth design workflow.
  • Take full control of the workflow from scanning to treatment planning with the state-of-the-art platform, and efficiently handle cases while improving patient experience.
  • An intuitive workflow that enables you to prepare digital production files for printing, cutting and marking aligners.

Ortho System Premium

When you go digital, it means a better way to work for you and your customers. 3Shape has got your complete software solution for digital orthodontics.

  • From creating and archiving digital study models to production, working digitally reduces shipping costs and your turnaround time.
  • Design, edit, save, share, remake, and produce appliances with fast, cost effective digital workflows.
  • Create clear aligners, indirect bonding trays, splints, mouth guards, retainers, Herbst, palatal expanders, mandible protrusion devices and more.
  • Offer more orthodontic treatment options and seamlessly cloud-connect with doctors to receive intraoral scans.


3Shape CAD/CAM solutions

Implant Studio

When planning implant treatments, the last thing you want is unpredictability and inconsistency. 3Shape's implant planning software gives you digital accuracy and predictability ahead of surgery. The result? A more efficient implant workflow.

  • From single or multiple implants to full edentulous cases, you can plan any implant treatment and design any surgical guide, tooth- or bone-supported. The new integration with X-Nav allows your customers to transfer their prosthetically driven treatment plan directly to X-Guide to then, place implants - dynamically and guided.
  • Allows for prosthetic driven implant planning, which enables a more efficient and outcome-based workflow for your doctor and better results for their patients.
  • Design and produce cost-efficient surgical guides and temporary or final restorations in one workflow, so your dentist can offer same-day implant dentistry to their patients.
  • Use 3Shape Communicate® to quickly share and confirm your planning results. Implant Studio enables you to be a strong partner from the early planning of the case to the design and final restoration package.




3Shape CAMbridge software links your design software with a wide range of 3D printers and features automated workflows designed specifically for dentistry. This helps to guarantee fast, accurate, and easy 3D printing of dental restorations.

  • The software integrates with 3Shape Dental System and a wide range of design software and 3D printers, to give you more options.
  • Automation reduces the need for manpower and skill requirements while delivering reliable results with increased efficiency.
  • 3Shape's dental 3D printing software lets you take advantage of settings that are optimized for production of dental designs.

Explore software packages

Complete restorative

Get all indications from Premium and Removable, plus all available restorative add-ons to design abutments, implant bars, models and more at an attractive price.


Design all indications from the Crown & Bridge package plus splints, digital temps, digital smile design, RealView, telescopes, post&core and more.

Crown & Bridge

Design full anatomies, bridges, copings, frameworks and wax-ups. Use CAD points to provide advanced indications.


For labs that specialize in providing full and partial dentures.

Scan Only

The easy way to go digital. Receive TRIOS cases or scan gypsum models and send to an external design service.

Optional Add-Ons and CAD Points

Supplement your solution with add-on modules to offer abutments, implant bars and bridges, models, dentures and more. Or, purchase CAD Points to use on a case-by-case basis for indications not included in your package.

3Shape CAD/CAM solutions

Service Packages

LabCare subscription package

3Shape’s LabCare subscription package provides high value services such as unlimited upgrades, support, access to hands-on training and events and special product discounts.

With a LabCare subscription, you can also add a five-year warranty and replacement service to secure your investment.

No subscription Basic package

A subscription with 3Shape Dental System is completely optional. The Basic package comes without a subscription and offers limited services free of charge.

There are no free upgrades and you get the software version corresponding to the year of purchase.

Support is available on a pay-per-case basis.

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