CS 8100 3D Evo Edition

The power of simple CBCT

Simple, precise and proven for general dentistry and endodontics.

Simplicity at its best

With its legendary ease of use and latest enhancements, the CS 8100 3D’s Evo Edition delivers outstanding image clarity in all modalities. This simple 4-in-1 solution offers great value and no compromise on quality—ideal for general dentists and endodontists who want to benefit from in-office CBCT imaging.

Benefits at a glance

  • Versatile 2D/3D system that fits your needs and budget
  • High-resolution 3D images with limited artifacts and noise
  • Clear and sharp panoramic images ideal for routine needs
  • Award-winning design fits tight spaces
  • State-of-the-art 2D/3D software expedites image review
  • Trusted by thousands of general dentists and endodontists worldwide

Proven 2D/3D Versatility

The CS 8100 3D blends 2D panoramic technology and CBCT imaging with 3D model scanning to create one powerful unit.

Selectable Fields of View

Selectable fields of view, from 4cm x 4cm to 8cm x 9cm, support all your diagnostic needs while limiting patient exposure and your area of responsibility.

Fits Your Needs and Budget

Covering a broad range of daily applications, the unit offers the best value for your investment – truly putting the power of 3D imaging within everyone's reach.

"I used to refer patients out for 3D imaging, but I like the convenience of having the CS 8100 3D right in my office—and so do my patients. You don't know how important a 3D system is to your practice until you have it."

Dr David Goteiner, DDS

Exclusive Metal Artifact Reduction technology

CS MAR1 (Metal Artifact Reduction) drastically reduces metal artifacts caused by dental restorations, implants and fillings. It even lets you compare images dynamically with and without the filter to help confirm your patient’s diagnosis and reduce the risk of misinterpretation.



Noise-free High-Resolution 3D Images

At 75 microns, the CS 8100 3D delivers ultra-high resolution images that are ideal for endodontics. Meanwhile, the ANR algorithm reduces image noise while preserving clinical details

Plan Implants with Confidence

Combining accurate 3D images with intuitive implant planning software, the CS 8100 3D is an ideal solution for placing implants with confidence.

Razor-sharp Panoramic Images

The new Tomosharp algorithm from CS is combined with the latest image processing technology to deliver ultra-sharp panoramic images in an instant.

Low Dose Imaging

The low-dose mode delivers high-quality 3D images at the same or lower dose as a standard panoramic exam for safer examinations1.

1Based on studies conducted by John Ludlow, University of North Carolina, School of Dentistry, utilizing the CS 8100 3D dose protocol (Aug 2014, Nov 2015, May 2017).

Ultra-compact and Intuitive

Compact enough to fit into tight spaces, the CS 8100 3D features th most intuitive interface and imaging software as well.

Smarter Design

Smart, laser-free face-to-face positioning facilitates proper patient placement and increases accuracy.

"The CS 8100 3D is a must for endodontists when it comes to clinical decision-making."

Dr Peter Kapsimalis, DDS

CS 8100 Evo Edition

Cephalometric images and tracings in just a few seconds

The CS 8100SC 3D gives you the ability to perform high-quality cephalometric exams in virtually an instant. Scan images in as little as 3 seconds* to reduce the risk of motion blur and obtain fully automated tracings in 10 seconds.

*18 x 24 cm lateral image, Fast Scan mode

Prosthetic-Driven Implant Planning Module

Plan implants with greater precision and confidence.

CS 3D Imaging Software

Get the most from every 3D image.

CS Model +

Simplify model analysis and setup.

CS Airway Module

Segment airway and visualise constrictions easily.

CS Imaging version 8

Enjoy our new generation of dental imaging software with CS Imaging version 8—the platform that provides one-stop access to your 2D images, 3D images and CAD/CAM data. As your centralized image library, CS Imaging displays all of your images on a single interface so you can easily manage them without switching between programs.

CS 8100 Evo Edition

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