High-Speed Continuous Scanning

Continuous scanning allows the user to scan in a smooth, uninterrupted manner, greatly reducing the time it takes to capture a digital impression. This high speed makes it ideal for time-consuming dual arch scans. Plus, since sudden movements—such as the user’s hand shaking or the patient shifting—have little to no effect on successive views, scans can be completed seamlessly despite interruptions to workflow.

Intelligent Matching System

Focus on your patient,not manipulating software or buttons. The CS 3600’s Intelligent Matching System allows users to freely fill in missing information for any area in the data set for more efficient scanning. There’s no need to indicate an exact location to the system or to follow a specific direction —simply jump to any position in the mouth.

Stunning HD 3D Digital Impressions

Show, don’t just tell your patients. The HD 3D color feature provides enhanced 3D images in striking high definition for better doctor/patient communication and increased case acceptance. These stunning, highly-detailed images provide the precise detail needed for effective automatic or manual margin line identification. Additionally, full HD 3D color digital impressions give labs and referrals an incredibly realistic view of a patient’s mouth, leading to enhanced communication and increased accuracy.

* In some situations, where the item to be scanned is uniform in dimension and highly reflective (a standard abutment), the use of an anti-reflecting liquid or powder may be necessary. Alternatively, a micro abrader (sand blaster) may be used to roughen the highly reflective surface to decrease the reflection.

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