CS 1500 Intraoral Camera

Ideal communication tool for any dental professional

Delivering precise, true-to-life images with each shot, the CS 1500 Camera provides the visual evidence you need to educate patients and make more accurate diagnoses.


The Ideal Conversation Starter

The CS 1500 Intraoral Camera is an all-in-one solution for dental digital photography still shots and videos. From full arch to macro views, the camera delivers consistently clear, high-resolution dental digital photography images that can be easily shared with patients.


Superior Image Quality

With sharp, clear visuals, the CS 1500 ensure your patients immediately understand their options – making the camera a perfect tool for patient education where practitioners can easily view and share even the smallest details such as cracks, caries and lesions.


True Automation

The camera’s true autofocus works like the human eye to intuitively focus according to the distance between the camera and the filmed object—no manual adjustments required.

Compare the range

 CS 1500CS 1200
Caries detection aidNoNo
Still image resolution1024 (H) x 768 (V)1024 (H) x 768 (V)
Video resolution640 x 480640 x 480
Focus range1mm -infinity3mm - 25mm
Polarizer feature (glare reduction)NoNo
Portrait imagesYesNo
Liquid lens autofocusYesNo, fixed focus
Dual button captureNoNo
ConnectionUSB (direct to PC) S-video (direct to monitor)*
AV (direct to monitor)*
USB (direct to PC) S-video (direct to monitor)*
AV (direct to monitor)*
DisplayPC, video, analog*PC, video, analog
Wireless (Wi-Fi) optionYesNo
Illumination system8 LEDs6 LEDs

* Only available with wireless camera.

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