Bluephase LED Curing Lights

True innovation proves itself in use. A perfect example of this is the Bluephase curing light with the specially developed Polywave LED.

Bluephase is not only the best-selling LED polymerization light in Europe, but it is also frequently used in clinical and scientific studies and has been ranked topcuring light by independent and renowned test institutes.The Polywave LED lights achieve an optimal broadband spectrum of 385 to 515 nm, similar to the spectrum of halogen lights, which served as their model. All Bluephase curing lights are therefore suitable for polymerizing the entire range of photoinitiators and materials currently used in dentistry.

Every material, every indication, every time and comfortable to fit every hand – only this combination gives you the licence to cure.

Bluephase PowerCure

Intelligent LED light – carefree curing

This automatic assistance system helps you achieve reliable curing results. The curing light automatically detects movement of the handpiece during the light-curing procedure. It alerts the user of the improper operation by vibrating and automatically extends the exposure time by 10 per cent, if necessary. If the movement may prevent the material from curing properly, the light will automatically interrupt the exposure cycle so that it can be repeated. Bluephase PowerCure comes with active anti-glare protection to prevent the light from being activated in open space.


  • Reliable curing performance for all light-curing materials due to polywave LED
  • Short curing times starting from 3 seconds due to a high intensity up to 3.000 mW/Cm2
  • Wide 10>9-mm light guide for time-saving single-exposure curing procedures
  • Additional Pre-Cure program

Bluephase G4

LED Curing Light

Bluephase® G4 is an intelligent LED curing light due to its Polyvision™ technology that helps clinicians ensure a more effective polymerisation of light-cured dental materials. Polyvision alerts the clinician if they move the curing light probe away from the tooth while curing and dynamically adjusts the curing time to compensate for the movement.

Polyvision is like a vehicle's lane departure warning system because it helps the clinician keep the curing light probe focused on the tooth for more effective polymerisation of the dental material. Bluephase G4 also features Polywave™ technology, which provides a broad wavelength spectrum of 385-515nm, which allows the light to cure all dental materials on the market today.


  • Slim, ergonomic and lightweight design
  • Reliable curing performance assisted by Polyvision™
  • Polywave™ technology to cure all dental materials

Bluephase Style

On an ergonomic mission.

The innovative Bluephase Style is designed for the intraoral polymerisation of light-curing dental materials.
The Bluephase curing lights are not only the best-selling LED polymerisation lights in Europe*, but they are also used in numerous clinical studies.
  • Reliable curing performance for direct and indirect restorations
  • Short curing times starting from 5 seconds due to high light intensities
  • Suitable for every light-curing material due to polywave LED
  • Wide 10mm light guide for time-saving single-exposure curing procedures
  • Available in: Grey, Pink and Green

Efficient Aesthetics
Bluephase Style forms a part of the "Direct Restoratives" product category. The products of this category cover the procedure involved in the direct restoration of teeth – from preparation to restoration care. The products are optimally coordinated with each other and enable successful processing and application. You can find more information about the efficient workflow here.

*based on sales figures, acoording to Key Stone, 2017

Bluephase Meter II

Dental radiometer

Bluephase Meter II is a precise dental radiometer for the quick and easy verification of the light intensity of all types of curing lights.

Only a regular performance verification ensures adequate polymerisation for a consistently high quality of light-curing restorations.

With the help of the Bluephase Meter II, the light intensity [in mW/cm2] as well as the light power [in mW] can be measured quickly and accurately at any time. Readings are obtained in three simple steps: Measure the diameter of the light probe using the template on the back, enter the value and illuminate the sensor with the help of the centering gauge.

The innovative measuring principle results in an exceptional measuring accuracy that has never been achieved before. In addition, Bluephase Meter II is suitable for all types of curing lights.


  • High measuring accuracy with a tolerance of only ± 10% compared to the measurement with an integrating sphere
  • Suitable for all types of polymerisation lights such as halogen, plasma, LED, etc.
  • Ergonomic and handy design for daily mobile use
  • Integrated template to determine the diameter of circular light probes
  • Additional program to determine the light power in milliwatt [mW]
  • Digital display
  • Three-year warranty


  • Enables exact and unrestricted verification of the light intensity in [mW/cm2] and the light output in [mW] of all curing lights in the wavelength range of 380 – 550 nm
Bluephase Meter II 2
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