3Shape TRIOS 3 Wired intraoral scanner

Proven intraoral scanning technology for a smooth introduction to digital dentistry

Taking your first step into digital dentistry?
3Shape has your back

Get off to a smooth start with digital dentistry with accurate award-winning TRIOS 3. After all, tens of thousands of dentists have done just that for years. You’ll get complete onboarding, extensive online training, free support, and full flexibility on your subscription plan, with a no-fee option available? Keep reading to find out more.

New ways to engage

TRIOS 3 is so intuitive you may almost forget it’s a high-tech, AI-driven tool. It doesn’t just capture teeth; it captures a patient’s reality. You will pull up an unprecedented level of detail and accuracy on your screen within seconds – it’s easier than ever to engage.

More patient engagement with engagement apps

TRIOS Smile Design

Show patients their future smiles

Use TRIOS Smile Design to design your patient's beautiful new smile in just minutes, based on a photo of your patient’s face. Share the photorealistic results with your patient to align expectations and stimulate treatment acceptance.

TRIOS Treatment Simulator

Grow orthodontic case acceptance

With TRIOS Treatment Simulator, you scan your patient to show them their present dentition and then compare to the expected results of orthodontic treatment to gain greater case approval.

TRIOS Patient Monitoring

Gain preventative insights

TRIOS Patient Monitoring allows you to scan every patient every time to accurately track changes in teeth and aid the early identification of dental conditions sooner. Share visual monitoring information with patients to advance their understanding of issues and the need for treatment.

03 Realistic colors

Realistic colours

With this scanner, it’s a breeze to create accurate scans in realistic colours. The realistic teeth and gingiva in natural colors will not only impress your patients but also make it easier than ever for your lab to match colours.

Dynamic occlusion

3Shape have found a way to make your crowns fit even better and make your patient even happier. How? With TRIOS Patient Specific Motion, you capture the bite in such a way that it contains occlusion information – which makes your restorations fit better than ever.


What other dentists say


"If you can use a smartphone, you can scan with TRIOS. As soon as I picked it up, I could do a full-arch scan."

Dr. Barbara Jurim, USA

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