3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanners

Better patient care
today and tomorrow

Step into the world of digital dentistry with 3Shape TRIOS® and discover a long list of opportunities. Opportunities that surpass a faster, easier and more comfortable way to take impressions.

You’ll have the opportunity to engage and counsel your patients even more. To expand your expertise with new treatment options, in more cost-effective ways of taking care of your patients and business.

It comes with the peace-of-mind you experience with a proven product that tens of thousands of dentists use successfully every day. And, with the support of a company that started the digital dentistry revolution over 20 years ago.

3Shape TRIOS. Better for them. Better for you.


Welcome to the world of TRIOS digital dentistry.


Dental treatments that reflect your standards.

Precise digital impressions support treatment outcomes your patients will be happy with. Outcomes that live up to your high standards. Because you can rely on every dental impression taken with a TRIOS® intraoral scanner being as accurate as a conventional impression – or even more so.[1]


Patient engagement you can sense.

Boost case acceptance by engaging – even more – with your patients. Together, TRIOS 3D color scans and the TRIOS engagement apps create a perfect opportunity to show patients their unique dentition and help them understand their treatment needs. They’ll notice the difference. And, you’ll feel the engagement.


An experience that feels just right.

Your digital experience should make you smile. So we’ve partnered with more than 20,000 labs and solution providers to make it easy for you to find the one you want. It’s fast, and easy.[2] Plus, TRIOS intraoral scanners fit perfectly in your hand and make scanning a pleasure. Your patients will prefer it, too.[1]


A digital practice you can be proud of.

We think you’ll find your patients are happier[1] and your practice is more successful with TRIOS intraoral scanners. And we’ll make sure you have everything you need to get started quickly. Plus, you decide which treatments you want to start with. Then – if you want – you can explore new indications at your own pace.

1. Chandran et al. 2019: Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research
2. Joda T e t al. 2016, Time efficiency, difficulty, and operator’s preference comparing digital and conventional implant impressions: a randomized controlled trial

3Shape TRIOS®
Perfected over 5 generations.

The world’s most recognised intraoral scanners1 bring you award-winning design, industry-leading scanning experiences, and unparalleled clinic-to-lab workflows.

3Shape TRIOS 3 Basic

TRIOS 3 Wired.
Proven. An industry winner.

  • Trusted technology.
  • Invisalign connected.
  • No-fee subscription option[2].

Award winning TRIOS 3 provides accurate, scan-and-send impressions. With 3D scans in realistic colours and three included engagement apps, TRIOS 3 gives you so many new ways to engage with your patients. You can even use it for Invisalign!

TRIOS 4 Wireless.
Advanced. Extra potential.

  • 2-in-1 wireless technology.
  • Surface Caries Detection.
  • Scan-ready in seconds.

With TRIOS 4, you’ll be scan-ready in seconds thanks to our next generation SmartTip technology. And you can enjoy unrestricted wireless scanning – or just plug in. You’ll make a great impression every time!

3Shape TRIOS 4
TRIOS 5 Scanner Right Side 2022

TRIOS 5 Wireless.
Intelligent. The ultimate TRIOS.

  • Next-level ergonomics.
  • Effortless scan technology.
  • Hygienic by design.

TRIOS 5 is made to fit perfectly in every hand. It sets a new standard in infection control. And the Scan Assist engine delivers precision scans effortlessly. So you can concentrate on the excellent care that makes patients come back.

1. Brand Recall, 3Shape Brand Survey, 2020 (n=1588) and 2021 (n=1849)
2. We offer a full service subscription package or basic non-subscription based support for all our scanners

Go beyond scanning


Here’s the easy way to move 3D digital scans and the TRIOS engagement apps to where your patients can see them best – in the chair! No more head craning. No more back straining. TRIOS MOVE+ makes engaging more comfortable for you and for your patients.

Plus, it’s an elegant, ergonomic and comfortable addition to your clinic.


Grow your business by producing in-house with TRIOS Studio apps

3Shape’s open system includes TRIOS® Studio apps with seamless integration, trusted connections to leading third-party mills and compatibility with all 3D printers. This enables you to do more, gain profitable in-house production options and exceed patient expectations.

3Shape Splint Studio 2020_upd-1

Splint Studio

Design and manufacture all major single-jaw occlusal splint types with just a few clicks.
Trios Design Studio

TRIOS Design Studio

Design and produce a broad range of restorations, including standard and screw-retained crowns, inlays, veneers and three-unit bridges.

TRIOS Patient Monitoring

Scan every patient every time to track changes, identify dental conditions sooner. Start with preventative care.
TRIOS Share_225x180


The first solution to enable you to use wireless TRIOS scanners on any PC in your practice via Wi-Fi. Discover real wireless freedom to scan and plan anywhere with award-winning 3Shape TRIOS wireless intraoral scanners.
Smile Design

TRIOS Smile Design

Take a photo and design a smile in minutes. Share results directly to align expectations and stimulate treatment acceptance.
Clear Aligner

Clear Aligner Studio

A complete solution to design and produce clear aligners, with a high return on investment potential.
Ortho planner

Orthodontic Planner

Create customized digital analysis, plan and share different types of orthodontic treatments.

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TRIOS Treatment Simulator

Scan your patient and compare to the expected results of orthodontic treatment to gain greater case approval.
Implant Studio

Implant Studio

Plan, design and print custom surgical guides and temporary screw-retained crowns* in one workflow.

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