Dürr Power Tower Silence – There is strength in quietness

More and more installations of compressors and suction systems close to the treatment rooms, less space for supply systems and tougher requirements for noise minimization – these are the trends that push the demand for highly integrated, silent supply systems. The Power Tower Silence line of Dürr Dental has been developed for these exact needs. Suction and compressed air combined in a 2 m high tower, for up to 4 parallel operators at a maximum noise level that equals a quiet conversation.
The PTS 200/42 with network compatibility features all advantages of the proven Power Tower Silence systems. The basic performance is comprised of a reliable supply of oil-free, dry and hygienic compressed air and powerful spray-mist suction. The compressor is equipped with a modern membrane-drying unit by which an even better dehydration of the air and an optimal performance capability is achieved – for up to 24 hours of non-stop operation.

In addition to the little space requirements the PTS 200 convinces with its quietness. Thanks to the effective encapsulation of sound, only a mere 54 dB(A) of the running sound is heard. This property makes it ideally suited as fully integrated supply system to be installed on practice level. The version PTS 200/42 is especially comfortable to operate via a 4.3″ touch display and network connection via the Software Tyscor Pulse. Thanks to this network compatibility the operating parameters of the PTS 200 can be adjusted easily and the PTS automatically sends maintenance reminders – that’s how the system automatically asks for an upcoming filter change and keeps the user up to date on the fill level of the amalgam separator and when it has to be exchanged. Furthermore, the intelligent control of the PTS 200 is programmed for an energy-“wise” operation. As an example the compressor control makes sure that the second compressor aggregate pauses whenever the power of one aggregate is required only. A true accomplishment in engineering “Made in Germany”.

The compact, quiet supply unit can be installed flexibly in the surgery on a floor space of only 0.4 m². That saves valuable space compared with the installation of single appliances – a big advantage with present-day rental costs. The construction and housing of the PTS meets high aesthetic demands and suits many interior design styles.