Stern Weber: Share the innovation

Right on the cutting edge of digital technology, the powerful microprocessor handles all the functions and systems on the integrated treatment centre, which the dentist pilots via the Full Touch control panel.

A few intuitive movements enable the dentist to regulate and personalise working parameters through the 5.7” tempered glass touch screen.

Designed to offer a high degree of personalisation, the software permits connections with incorporated Stern Weber devices, including multimedia and radiological instruments. By means of an Ethernet connection access is provided to a local network without having to use an external PC.
The accelerometer on the instrument control panel also allows the screen to be positioned horizontally.

Multimedia smoothes the way

Immediacy is of fundamental importance: quicker diagnosis, sharing images with patients and convincing them to have the right treatment are all vital. Perfect integration is the key to everything, and the latest version of the Stern Weber multimedia system significantly boosts the potential of diagnostics.
High-definition camera, high-frequency X-ray unit, the very latest X-ray sensor – all connected and controlled via the Full Touch control panel. The dentist may control images directly on the touch panel, on a medical monitor or on an external PC – all connected and controlled via the Full Touch control panel.