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Archive for June 2018

Dürr Dental amalgam separators – safely comply with new regulatory requirements

Dental amalgam contains up to 50% of mercury and therefore must not be released into the environment. Dürr Dental amalgam separators reliably remove amalgam waste from your dental chair/unit waste water using a precision centrifugal device coupled with a hydrodynamic self-cleaning system to maintain high performance. Dürr Dental has been producing this equipment for nearly…

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Dürr Power Tower Silence – There is strength in quietness

More and more installations of compressors and suction systems close to the treatment rooms, less space for supply systems and tougher requirements for noise minimization – these are the trends that push the demand for highly integrated, silent supply systems. The Power Tower Silence line of Dürr Dental has been developed for these exact needs.…

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Stern Weber: Share the innovation

Right on the cutting edge of digital technology, the powerful microprocessor handles all the functions and systems on the integrated treatment centre, which the dentist pilots via the Full Touch control panel. A few intuitive movements enable the dentist to regulate and personalise working parameters through the 5.7” tempered glass touch screen. Designed to offer…

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CS 3600 Case Study: Intraoral scanning promotes practice efficiency

by Robin H. Vaughn, Digital Orthodontics Consultant/Clinical Trainer, Waugh + Allen Orthodontics Brianne Carr, Imaging/Scan Technician, Waugh + Allen Orthodontics There are a lot of reasons why Dr. Robert Waugh’s staff likes the CS 3600 intraoral scanner: scanning speed, size and weight, accuracy and integration. All together, they add up to one very significant benefit—ease…

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