We’ve got you covered! Dürr Chemicals and Your Practice.

The premium products in the Dürr system hygiene range facilitate daily hygiene measures and enable easy handling and safe and logical use at all time. Over the course of the last 50 years, Dürr system hygiene has been continuously optimized ensuring that all of their products are safe, gentle, convenient and fast!

Special Areas

Orotol Plus – Your everyday cleaner
Foam-free and highly efficient liquid concentrate for the simultaneous disinfection, deodorization, cleaning and care of all suction systems and amalgam separators.
What matters to you?
•    For suction units, recommended by leading unit manufacturers
•    No germ resistance development
•    Proven material compatibility
•    Maintains the value of the suction unit
•    Dissolves and disinfects bio-film and prevents the formation of sludge (blood and proteins)
•    Long-lasting effect
•    Broad range of effectiveness

Quick tip: This is our best seller! MD 520 combined with Orotol Plus provides the best results.

Special MD 520 – The premium disinfection for dentures and impressions
Impressions and dentures can be microbiologically contaminated and infectious. They must therefore be safely disinfected and cleaned. Durr Dental supplies a suitable solution here – MD 520.
MD 520 is a ready-to-use solution for effective and material-friendly cleaning.
What matters to you?
•    Quick acting (5 minutes of immersion)
•    Can be used on alginates, silicones, polyether rubber, hydrocolloids, polysulphides etc.
•    Maintains dimensional stability and plaster compatibly
•    Increased precision of master model thanks to excellent cleaning action


FD 333 – Rapid Surface Disinfection
Ready-to-use solution for quick-acting disinfectant.
What matters to you?
•    Effective against all viruses
•    Fast drying
•    Effective within seconds
•    Fresh lemon scent

FD 366 – Sensitive rapid surface disinfection
Disinfection for particularly sensitive surfaces like plastics, dental units (also vinyl upholstery) or acrylic glass.
What matters to you?
•    Very short reaction time: 1 minute
•    Material-friendly

Quick tip: perfect in combination with FD360 vinyl upholstery cleaning (for dental units).

FD 360 – Vinyl upholstery cleaning and conditioning
Cleaning fluid for deep cleaning and care of vinyl upholstery surfaces and dental units.
What matters to you?
•    Excellent material compatibility
•    Gentle cleaner for long-term maintenance (avocado-based care formula)
•    Intensive cleaning effect – removes all types of stains, rings and discoloration