Four Signs Your Chair Needs An Upgrade

It can be a difficult choice to upgrade and invest in new equipment when you can still “make do” with what you have. So we’ve put together 4 telling signs to look for that may just help you along…

1. Not Looking The Part

If your existing equipment is looking a bit tired, it can really bring down the overall look and feel of your practice. This may be because the upholstery is worn and ripped, parts are broken or missing, or perhaps years of use have resulted in your equipment simply losing its former glory. While aesthetics can often take a back seat to other priorities, remember that (in the eyes of your patient) your work environment is an instant reflection on your professionalism. Ultimately you want to present a clean, professional space so that your patient can be confident in the service and quality of treatment they are going to be provided.

2. Constant Breakdowns and Repairs

There is nothing worse than having equipment break down when you have a day booked full of appointments. Not only will you be out of pocket with repair costs but your productivity will be affected also. This will often also result in appointment cancellations or changes – which no patient is ever happy to hear! If your equipment requires constant repairs, this is a big warning sign that an upgrade might be your best (and least frustrating) option.

3. Old Technology

Is your chair close to 10 years old or more? If so, your productivity could be impaired by not utilising the advances of new technology. Examples to think about are integrated technology (electric motors, cameras or scalers), touch screen monitors, improved lighting and advanced infection control. Integrated technology is particularly crucial as it allows you to keep everything within reach, reduces the need for additional equipment and makes your day to day more comfortable – less reaching, twisting and turning.

4. Unavailable Spare Parts

For certain units, parts may only be available for a limited time and therefore replacing parts for a 10+ year old unit can sometimes be impossible. While you may find yourself trying to improvise with quick fixes, often these will only see you through for so long. When you find yourself at this stage, you can be quite certain that an upgrade is inevitable.