Why choose Stern Weber?

Innovation, ergonomics, quality and reliability: the key qualities of your dental unit.

  1. Stern Weber applies the latest technology to meet your ever-evolving needs.

The innovation that drives the Stern Weber world is based on the integration of multimedia and X-ray diagnosis devices, providing a unique solutions package that improves your daily workflow. Discover the exceptional performance that ensures treatment is carried out with unparalleled safety and precision parameter control. Protect yourself, staff and patients with hygiene systems of proven effectiveness. Optimal answers are provided even before the questions are asked. And that’s how, every time, Stern Weber innovation provides the exact solution for your professional needs.

  1. All around you: our world is your world

Dental units are complete integrated treatment centres. Highly personalised, they’re equipped with exclusive, professional systems: safe hygiene systems designed in compliance with the strictest international standards, ergonomic solutions, innovative materials, technologies designed to make work simpler. The result is a treatment centre designed to meet your every need and offer all-round innovation, reliability and performance. This is the Stern Weber world, and you’re at the centre of it.

  1. Quality is a property that lasts

High quality has always been a standard feature on all Stern Weber dental units, ensuring stability and structural strength. Thanks to conscientious component design and an attentive choice of materials, our dental units are not just stylish, they’re a perfect investment in outstanding performance, a highly reliable tool on which to build future success. Aluminium alloys ensure excellent strength. Glass, ceramic, nylon and special plastics resist chemical aggression and mechanical strain. Dental unit quality begins at the production stage, when product structure/architecture improvement and optimisation opportunities are implemented. Moreover, each machine undergoes comprehensive final testing, documented by simulating realistic work patterns. It is this strict production philosophy, then, that ensures maximum dental unit quality and reliability at all times.

  1. Ergonomics is the key to your wellbeing

Design, comfort and ergonomics: a perfect blend that allows every dentist to give of his very best. At each stage of product development, Stern Weber dedicates the utmost attention to detail in order to provide solutions that ensure the dentist is able to work comfortably, interact freely with the assistant and conduct treatment in a way that focuses on patient wellbeing. When it comes to protecting the medical team from the stresses and strains of the working day, proper ergonomics is essential. Offering both classic and innovative ergonomics, Stern Weber’s broad range of models meets all the possible needs of dentistry in full.